What’s Going To Be On Your Plate In 2013

In years past, the rise and fall of food trends seem to correlate with the arrival of newly invented tastes and luxurious offerings from half way around the world. But today’s foodie fads are no longer based on what gets our mouths watering. Perpetuated by a nail-biting economy, environmental concerns, and the stretch of our belts, these delicious food trends of 2013 have been introduced to menus across the country and are projected to only get bigger.

Annual Trends

1. Local Foods.

Forget organic – what people really care about is what’s local (but if it’s organic to boot you won’t hear complaints). Continuing from the past year, local foods are the top projected trend of 2013. Besides becoming continually more conscience of the affects of their purchases, restaurant goers can certainly taste the difference between what’s farm stand fresh and what’s been shipped 2,000 miles.