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clip_image004A Thanksgiving without desserts is not enjoyable. Who wants to sit through five hours of family time without something sweet to look forward to? …No one. Somewhat understandably, when you’ve got a turkey to baste, potatoes to mash, and like a million other things going on in the kitchen, perfecting a pie is usually put on the back burner. But we have a solution to all the dinner distress: our decadent baked goods!


Most Popular 4th of July Desserts

There are certain things that people look forward to on the 4th of July. Things like parades, fireworks, and grilled meats have all become an integral part of the holiday celebration, but nothing – nothing – is as looked forward to on Independence Day as much as dessert. While any red, white, and blue confection is always a welcomed addition to a dessert table, if you’re hosting a bash this Thursday, make sure you have at least one of these favorites present:


Patriotic Trifle

Easy to make and guaranteed to please, simple trifles are really common at summer gatherings – specifically those on the 4th of July. That’s because they’re light, refreshing, and really easy to make patriotic with the addition of blue and red berries.

Stars and Stripes Cake

Seriously, few desserts are as non-fussy as a sheet cake. That said, they’re also really versatile, which is why they’re perfect for every holiday…even the 4th of July. All you really have to do to make one is take one flat cake, cover it with strategically placed strawberries, blueberries, and dollops of whipped cream, and you’ve got one sweet patriotic treat without a sweat.


Delicious Desserts Dad Will Love

We heard your dad likes dessert. Well, to be honest, we heard he more than likes it – we heard he’s over the moon about it. And since it’s Father’s Day this weekend, we were thinking that you might want to satisfy that sweet tooth of his with a delicious homemade dessert à la you. So we’ve gathered together these 5 decadent recipes that are fairly easy to create and will leave your dad with a delicious Father’s Day gift he’ll really enjoy.

ice cream

Ice Cream Sundaes

Ice cream may sound juvenile, but let’s face it: your dad is young at heart. That’s why we think that having a few of Dad’s favorite flavors, loads of toppings, and fresh fruit isn’t a bad way to go for dessert. It saves you from having to bake and gives Dad something that he might not have had in a while. Don’t want to wing it? Click on the link for some specific sundae recipes.


Traditional Easter Desserts That Aren’t American

It’s come to my attention that America doesn’t really have a traditional Easter dessert – which is what I’d planned to write this blog post on. While carrot cake seems like shoo-in, not everyone goes weak in the knees for that rich cream cheese frosting. The usual cakes and pies would be runners up, except that no one can agree on them – and don’t waste your time nominating tartlets as a contender for the U.S.A.’s favorite treat. Even at my own Easter celebration, I don’t think my mother’s ever made the same dessert two years in a row. Thus my conclusion is that maybe as a whole, America doesn’t have an Easter treat that sits at number one. But fortunately for the sake of this post, other countries are slightly more traditional…



A traditional Russian Easter dish, Paskha is made mainly of tvorog, butter, eggs, and spices. You’ve probably never heard of tvorog, or you know it better as curd, but it’s basically just soured milk that’s made into an un-aged cheese-like substance. At any rate, it’s pretty popular in Russia.

Like you’d expect from an Easter dessert, everything about Paskha represents something to do with the holiday. Its color, for example, symbolizes the purity of Jesus, while its shape represents the church, and the decoration of the letters X and B stand for the traditional Easter greeting, “Christ is risen!”