"This cheesecake is handmade gourmet goodness!"~ Jordan & Lisa, Denver, CO
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Lemon Biscotti Cheesecake


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2 items found
When Earth gave us lemons, we used them for everything. Since their first known use around 700 CE, lemons were realized as antiseptics, antidotes for a whole slew of poisons, and great for cleaning. And sure, they make everything taste way better. Lemons are a major part in Indian cuisine, as it's where this citrus fruit was thought to have originated, and has since become an important staple in diets around the world. And, thanks to good old Christopher Columbus, lemon seeds were brought to the Americas, helping make our creamy Lemon Biscotti Cheesecake possible. Our smooth cheesecake is infused with the tangy taste of fresh lemons and topped with a sweet lemon curd. Lemons may not be from our neck of the woods, but we certainly know how to get the most out of its vibrant flavor.