Traditional Easter Desserts That Aren’t American

It’s come to my attention that America doesn’t really have a traditional Easter dessert – which is what I’d planned to write this blog post on. While carrot cake seems like shoo-in, not everyone goes weak in the knees for that rich cream cheese frosting. The usual cakes and pies would be runners up, except that no one can agree on them – and don’t waste your time nominating tartlets as a contender for the U.S.A.’s favorite treat. Even at my own Easter celebration, I don’t think my mother’s ever made the same dessert two years in a row. Thus my conclusion is that maybe as a whole, America doesn’t have an Easter treat that sits at number one. But fortunately for the sake of this post, other countries are slightly more traditional…



A traditional Russian Easter dish, Paskha is made mainly of tvorog, butter, eggs, and spices. You’ve probably never heard of tvorog, or you know it better as curd, but it’s basically just soured milk that’s made into an un-aged cheese-like substance. At any rate, it’s pretty popular in Russia.

Like you’d expect from an Easter dessert, everything about Paskha represents something to do with the holiday. Its color, for example, symbolizes the purity of Jesus, while its shape represents the church, and the decoration of the letters X and B stand for the traditional Easter greeting, “Christ is risen!”



What’s Going To Be On Your Plate In 2013

In years past, the rise and fall of food trends seem to correlate with the arrival of newly invented tastes and luxurious offerings from half way around the world. But today’s foodie fads are no longer based on what gets our mouths watering. Perpetuated by a nail-biting economy, environmental concerns, and the stretch of our belts, these delicious food trends of 2013 have been introduced to menus across the country and are projected to only get bigger.

Annual Trends

1. Local Foods.

Forget organic – what people really care about is what’s local (but if it’s organic to boot you won’t hear complaints). Continuing from the past year, local foods are the top projected trend of 2013. Besides becoming continually more conscience of the affects of their purchases, restaurant goers can certainly taste the difference between what’s farm stand fresh and what’s been shipped 2,000 miles.



Trendiest Desserts Of 2012

Out with the old and in with the newer-ish desserts! We always love original sweet tastes and luckily for us 2012 has provided a decadent bounty we’ve been completely satisfied with. While most of the trendy desserts of the year are updates on beloved classic confections, each has been recreated in a new, exciting way that makes us want to get to a bakery stat.

Cake pops

Artisan Ice-Cream

Break out the spoons! This is the ice cream we scream for. Rich, creamy, cold goodness made from the finest ingredients bringing life to tastes like lavender, butter toffee crunch, mint (real mint), and Madagascar vanilla. Skip the carton in the frozen section – this trend is one we hope won’t die out soon, pretty please with a cherry on top.

Cake Pops

Yeah, yeah, they’re cute all right, but a cake-pop has appeal that’s more than skin deep. A cake pop offers the same moist, exquisite cake you’d expect from a gourmet shop without a mess. You can enjoy them on the go without over eating (since they’re portion controlled) and are guaranteed to get frosting in every bite.


Snowman Cupcakes

I’ll admit, I’m not the greatest ever baker – but I can make things look cute. So, in the spirit of the holiday season, I created these lovable snowmen cupcakes (which were actually delicious). Being a slightly handicapped baker, I teamed up with Ina Garten, whose Barefoot Contessa mixes are fabulous. Seriously – you can’t go wrong with them. I used the mix for coconut cupcakes, since I used shavings to emulate snow, but you can whip up any sort of batter you’d like.


For the snowmen, you’ll need:

Normal-sized Marshmallows

Chocolate Sprinkles

Orange Slice Candies

Chocolate Candies (optional)

Toothpick (or a wooden kabob stick – I was desperate)

A Witness to Observe Your Greatness (hence boyfriend’s cat)

Warm water