7 Favorite Treats for National Chocolate Day

National Chocolate Day falls on November 29 and it’s just in time for the holiday season! To celebrate, why not make one of these delicious treats?

Chocolate Chip and Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars Recipe

Now that pumpkins are in season, it’s time to find creative ways to bake with them! These chocolate chip and pumpkin cheesecake bars are a sweet treat that will be an instant favorite. Whether you serve them at your next party or you save them all for yourself, they’re so delicious they won’t last long!… Read More >

How to Make Pumpkin Cheesecake

  Pumpkin is one of those ingredients that taste great no matter what you do with it. This cheesecake is no exception! By taking standard cheesecake filling and mixing it with pumpkin purée, you can turn this beloved dessert into something truly spectacular. Here’s the recipe:

7 Fruit Gifts for Halloween

Halloween is traditionally associated with sweets. While it’s always a good idea to eat fruit instead of candy, it can be disappointing to find an apple in your Halloween treat bag! However, it is possible to enjoy both sweets and fruit at the same time. These treats offer the best of both worlds:

How to Make Champagne Cheesecake

Champagne is the drink of choice when people want to celebrate. As it turns out, it also tastes great in cheesecake! Here’s a recipe for cheesecake that includes this delicious beverage:

Gluten Free Mini Cheesecake Recipe

According to the National Foundation of Celiac Awareness, about 1 in every 133 Americans has Celiac Disease. Some people don’t even know they have it! With Celiac Awareness Day coming up on September 13, we thought we’d share a recipe for Gluten Free Mini Cheesecakes. Instead of flour or graham crackers, the crust is made… Read More >

Cheesecake Ice Cream Sundae Recipe

What could possibly be better than an ice cream sundae? An ice cream sundae with cheesecake! In this recipe, slices of rich cheesecake are topped with ice cream, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream to make these two decadent desserts even richer! Feel free to substitute any type of cheesecake that you want for the mini… Read More >

7 Favorite Summer Fruit Dessert Recipes

Summer is the perfect time make fruit based desserts because many popular fruits are in season. Here’s a list of some our favorite fruit-based summer desserts: