5 Desserts to Make on the Grill

In some parts of the world, people take for granted the luxury of grilling year-round. Here in New England, there’s no way you’ll find us outside in the middle of January flipping burgers – no matter how delicious they are. Maybe that’s why during the summer months, we try to put our grills and patios… Read More >

Recipe: S’mores Popsicles

Next to Christmas and Easter, National S’€™mores Day may not be that big of a to-do. But, it should be. What would camping or summer or even your childhood be without the inclusion of this stacked (sometimes double) treat? The fact is that s’€™mores are one of those few iconic foods that are ritualistic in… Read More >

Recipe: How to Make Brigadeiro

In honor of Brazil being the host country of the almost finished World Cup, we figured we’d try our hand at one of the country’s traditional desserts.

Easy Red, White, and Blue Trifles

Bye, bye Miss American Pie – there’s a new dessert around for the Fourth of July! Perfect for next week’s patriotic gatherings, these tiny trifles are guaranteed to be gone in less time than they take to make.

Recipe: Easy Memorial Day Pies

  Memorial Day festivities usually include barbecues, which means making food, which usually means putting together a dessert. And we know something about those. But being that it’s a long weekend, and a nice weekend at that, being stuck in the kitchen baking isn’t how we see it playing out. That’s why we decided that… Read More >

The Unique History of Flan, a World Traveled Dessert

With Cinco de Mayo approaching, we were trying find a delicious South of the Border dessert to make for a blog post. This led a topic of great debate in our kitchen. Where the heck does flan come from? They serve it at Mexican restaurants, we’ve all had it in Mexico, and yet the name… Read More >

Recipe: Classic Zucchini Bread

On this somewhat dreary Wednesday, few things are more appealing than zucchini bread. Lucky for us, it’s National Zucchini Bread Day, and it seemed only natural that we celebrate accordingly! So we tried our hand at this classic recipe and made a grey, rainy afternoon into a bright baking session that promised a delicious snack.