How to Make Spiced Pumpkin Bread

Now that pumpkins are in season, it’s time to start baking with them! This spiced pumpkin bread uses canned pumpkin puree. However, you can always substitute it for the homemade version. Here’s the recipe:

7 Fruit Gifts for Halloween

Halloween is traditionally associated with sweets. While it’s always a good idea to eat fruit instead of candy, it can be disappointing to find an apple in your Halloween treat bag! However, it is possible to enjoy both sweets and fruit at the same time. These treats offer the best of both worlds:

Cheesecake Pops Recipe

This fun dessert is a twist on an old favorite. By taking classic cheesecake and turning it into a lollipop, you can adapt it for any occasion because it can be decorated any way you want! This means they’re perfect for occasions such as weddings, birthdays, and holidays. Start by following this recipe, and then… Read More >

Bake a Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake for Mother’s Day!

Cookie cakes ingeniously merge two favorite desserts – cake and cookies. Denser than a regular cake and fluffier than a cookie, this dessert is a real crowd pleaser! Does your mother love chocolate chip cookies? If so, why not make one of these as a gift for her on Mother’s Day? The cookie cake recipe… Read More >

Salsa Cheesecake Recipe for Cinco de Mayo

Salsa Cheesecake Recipe for Cinco de Mayo Even though Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican holiday, people in the United States have adopted it, too. For Mexican nationals, it’s a day that commemorates the Mexican victory at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. In the United States, the holiday has taken on a… Read More >

Edible Gifts That Are Perfect for Mom

Does your mom spend a lot of her time creating meals for the family? Well, Mother’s Day is all about giving her a break! This year, why not do something extra special for her by giving her an edible gift? These ideas are not only thoughtful – they’re also delicious!

Easter Desserts From Around the World

Easter Desserts From Around the World No Easter dinner or brunch is complete without dessert. It’s the best part of the meal! In many cultures, Easter is one of the biggest holidays. As a result, each culture has many of their own traditions, including special desserts that are typically served on their Easter tables. This… Read More >

5 Fruit Dishes to Bring to Easter Brunch

One of the things I look forward to the most during Easter is the abundance of fresh fruit. Easter usually falls around the time when the first of the year’s in-season fruit makes its way to the markets. This year, I plan to bring one of these delicious fruit dishes to Easter brunch. I know… Read More >