Making Orange Carrot Shaped Cheesecake for Easter

Even though I know I can always make a classic cheesecake as an Easter dessert, it’s much more fun to make them carrot shaped! This recipe uses carrot juice and orange juice to impart the natural orange coloring. The sweetness from the juices compliments the cream cheese very nicely. When selecting a pan, be sure… Read More >

8 Ways To Incorporate Easter Peeps Into Your Dessert!

Peeps are just as much a part of Easter as the Bunny himself! In fact, I look forward to them each year. I do enjoy eating them by themselves but I’ve also learned that they make a fun addition to any dessert! Here are some of my favorite ideas.

Saint Patrick’s Day Cheesecake Recipe

Saint Patrick’s Day is a chance for us all to honor the Irish culture. So, we wear green, eat corned beef and cabbage, and drink Irish beer. Why not serve cheesecake this year? It’s a definite crowd pleaser and with some modifications, you can make it look festive and ready for the party!

No Bake Mini Cheesecake for Valentine’s Day

Luckily this year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday. This means most of us have a little extra time to plan something special for a loved one. Whether it is dinner and a show or a nice home-cooked meal, we all want to make sure we spend enough time planning for the special holiday. However,… Read More >

Tell Her You Love Her With Cheesecake!

For Valentine’s Day this year, get something sweet for your sweetheart (and no we don’t mean a generic heart-shaped box of chocolates). Of course your significant other would love a homemade treat, but if baking isn’t exactly in your wheelhouse, we have just what you need to give a decadent and delicious gift.

Christmas Desserts From Around the World: Latin America

Just because Latin America celebrates Christmas with sun instead of snow, that doesn’t make their festivities any less fun or delicious. Here are a few traditional Christmas desserts from the Southern Hemisphere!  

Christmas Desserts From Around the World: Europe

While Christmas isn’t celebrated universally, there are many countries across the world that take part in the winter holiday. Besides exchanging gifts and spending time with loved ones, Christmas also includes a lot of sweet treats. Here in the United States, Christmas confectionaries usually include candies, sugar cookies, and eggnog, but in other countries, other… Read More >

Eggnog Cheesecake – A Christmas Treat!

Eggnog is a drink that is usually enjoyed during the holiday season starting with Thanksgiving and ending with New Year’s Eve, and is a popular holiday beverage in both the United States and Canada. A dairy base either milk or cream (or a combination of both) is mixed with sugar and eggs to create a… Read More >