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Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake - (RETIRED)

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In Greek mythology, these berries were once white. It wasn't until Zeus' nursemaid, Ida, pricked her finger on one of the bushes' thorns did the berries become stained red - which is how they've apparently stayed. Their Latin name literally translates to "bramble bush of Ida," named partly for Zeus' doting nurse and partly for the mountain in Crete on which they are thought to originate. But regardless of where they came from, sweet raspberries have had a close connection with gods and legend because their taste, well, it's divine. Our Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake showcases the decadent taste of sweet ripe raspberries by combining it with a rich, dark chocolate cheesecake that's baked into a cookie crust and topped with a heavenly chocolate glaze.

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