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Happy Hour Cheesecake Sampler

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As early as 10,000 BCE, humans were toasting with raised glasses of alcohol. For those of you who don't know the timeline of the world - that's the late Stone Age - and we've sort of been obsessed with alcohol ever since. Basically, in ever ancient civilization, there was always some sort of fermented beverage. Egyptians alone were have said to have made over 17 types of beer and 24 varieties of wine. (Apparently they were having a good time). China had sake, Greece had mead, Mesoamericans had tejuino, and the rest, well, is history. We've decided to honor ancient traditions with this delectable assortment of smooth, creamy cheesecakes that are flavored with different alcohols from around the world. Everyone in your party will be more than happy to toast to this ultimate dessert.
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