7 Father’s Day Dessert Ideas

  Father’s Day is coming up and you want to make your dad feel special. Instead of getting him a traditional gift, try making him one of these desserts instead. This is a perfect gift, especially if he has a sweet tooth!

Recipe: Delightful Mother’s Day Desserts with Edible Flowers

There’s something kind of magical about showing Mom how special she is. And so, for Mother’s Day this year, we created this dainty dessert. Don’t forget to order your Mother’s Day gifts in time for that special Sunday in May that is dedicated to Mom!

6 Perfect Cheesecake Combinations for Easter

  Are you having people over for Easter dinner? If so, you’ll need to have at least one impressive dessert at the table. Cheesecake offers a perfect finish to a wonderful Easter meal, and it can be prepared ahead of time to save stress on Easter. It’s also a crowd pleaser because everyone loves cheesecake!… Read More >

Delicious Pumpkin Pie Bites

I can’t even put into words how totally scrumptious these delicious pumpkin pie bites are. I recently made them for my guests at Thanksgiving, and let’s just say that most were gone before the Thanksgiving dinner even began! The filling is a hybrid of pumpkin pie (yum!) and pumpkin cheesecake (double yum!) that is packed… Read More >

Homemade Mixed Berry Pie

This Homemade Mixed Berry Pie gives me all the feels! It is without a doubt my most favorite dessert and just reminds me of my childhood and the family that ate it together. My family owned and operated a country store in upstate New York for 30 years. Growing up – this was my home…. Read More >

Strawberry Swirl Cream Cheese Pound Cake

While this pound cake is heavy on ingredients, the final result is so light and delicious on flavor. The lid on the cake has a delightful crunch, while the inside is soft and pillowy. I do wish that it had more strawberry flavor. You could easily accomplish that by using fresh strawberry preserves or jam… Read More >

Cherry Crisps

These cherry crisps would be the perfect thing to serve after a big meal. Not just because of their small size, though that helps. The proportion of fruit to crisp is quite pronounced so you feel like this is a relatively healthy dessert. I just love the individual serving sizes – your dinner party guests… Read More >

7 Recipes for Overnight Oats

I had heard about overnight oats and was always intrigued but had never tried to make them myself. They seemed really easy and the combinations endless – plus they gave you an easy way to grab and go with breakfast in the morning, so what was I waiting for? I decided to do a little… Read More >