10 Sweet Facts About Candy

  1. Though it may be bad for teeth, cotton candy was invented by a dentist in the 19th century. The treat made its debut under the name Fairy Floss.
  2. The average German eats nearly twice as much chocolate as the average American.
  3. Weirded out by mystery flavor Dum Dums? Don’t be. Their flavor is created when the lollipop machine changes from making one flavor to another, thus the tastes mingle and create the unknown flavor.
  4. Red M&Ms were taken out of rotation in 1976 because people were afraid that their coloration came from Amaranth, a suspected carcinogen.
  5. Remember how E.T. liked Reese’s Pieces? Well, they were originally supposed to be M&Ms, but Mars turned down the product placement in the film.
  6. Contrary to popular belief, bubble gum doesn’t last a year in your stomach. It’s digested just like anything else.
  7. Starbursts were originally called Opal Fruits, which they’re still known as in some parts of the world.
  8. In the 1980s, a Nerd cereal was available…but only for a short time.
  9. UK Population: 63 million. Number of Cadbury Crème Eggs Consumed a Year: 200 million. (That’s an average of 3 per person.)
  10. The name “Pez” comes from pfefferminz, which is the German word for peppermint and the first flavor the tablet candies came in.


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