5 Ways to Take S’Mores to the Next Level

Step up your game this summer with these variations on the classic camping treat.

  • Get fancy cookies.
    Graham crackers, they’re great and all, but it’s time to get serious about the s’more. Try using Petit Ecolier cookies or even fudge stripe cookies.
  • Top it off.
    What’s better than a messy s’more? An even messier one. Drizzle some caramel or Nutella the top and dig in before it’s all over your shirt. Keep an ample supply of napkins on hand.
  • Send in a sub.
    Be unexpected and use something other than plain chocolate. Switch it up with gourmet dark chocolates like those infused with fruits, speckled with salt, or laden with nuts.
  • It’s better together.
    Everyone’s got a best bud and for chocolate, it’s peanut butter. Feel free to slather it on the grahams or substitute the chocolate for a peanut butter cup.
  • Go bananas.
    It may sound sacrilegious, but fruit + chocolate + marshmallows + grahams = cloud 9. Try Fuji apples, banana slices, or even strawberries.