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The Best Desserts for Your Summer Barbecue

Posted by Gwen Watson on Jul 17, 2015

The Best Desserts for Your Summer Barbecue

Summer barbecues may focus on what’s on the grill, but you can’t forget about dessert! Here are some ideas for desserts that are absolutely perfect for your cookout.

Berry Tart
Whipping up a fruit tart with in-season fruit is a great choice for a cookout! In early summer, for example, a strawberry tart is a great choice because strawberries are in season. Feel free to substitute the strawberries for other berries if strawberries are no longer in season by the time your cookout comes along.

Strawberry Shortcake
Even though strawberry shortcake includes ingredients that need to be refrigerated, it’s the perfect summer treat. It’s a great choice for a cookout because people can assemble their own dessert! All you need to do is prepare the strawberries on the morning of your cookout by washing and slicing them and tossing in a tablespoon or two of sugar. The sugar will help release the natural juices of the summer berries.

Ice Cream Cake
Ice cream cake is another one of those desserts that can’t be left out all day. However, it’s a fun and refreshing dessert on a hot summer day! The nice thing about it is that it can be made well in advance. Or, you can buy it from a bakery or ice cream shop and it’s always guaranteed to taste great! Just remember to take the cake out of the freezer at least thirty minutes before you serve it so it’s easier to cut.

Brownies are another cookout classic because they’re so easy to eat. If your host plans on serving ice cream with it, that makes it even better! Guests can easily make their own brownie sundaes, especially if there’s whipped cream. It’s also a great “grab and go” dessert for those who want to munch while socializing.

Trifles do need to be refrigerated, but they’re such a crowd pleaser that they’re worth the initial hassle of finding space in the refrigerator. The nice thing about this dessert is that you can make a trifle using any ingredients you want. This chocolate trifle will please all the chocolate lovers on your guest list, for example. You can also make trifles with in-season fruit to take advantage of your fresh, local ingredients.

Crispy Cereal Treats
Those crispy rice treats your mom used to make when you were a kid are a perfect cookout food! Not only that, but they’re very easy to make. All you need is crispy rice cereal, butter, marshmallows, and a good, microwave-safe bowl. You can also stir in other ingredients such as chocolate chips, nuts, and even chocolate sprinkles.

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