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Edible Gifts That Are Perfect for Mom

Posted by Editor on Apr 17, 2015

Edible Gifts That Are Perfect for Mom

Does your mom spend a lot of her time creating meals for the family? Well, Mother’s Day is all about giving her a break! This year, why not do something extra special for her by giving her an edible gift? These ideas are not only thoughtful – they’re also delicious!

Breakfast In a Jar
Instead of making her breakfast in bed, why not prepare breakfast for everyone in the family for the next week? She’ll be happy that she doesn’t have to make breakfast every day! You can prepare this oatmeal in advance in individual glass jars. Make enough to feed the family for a week and that’s one less meal she’ll have to make!

Edible Fruit Arrangement
Rather than give your mom flowers, why not make her an edible fruit bouquet? Making this with your own hands makes it extra special. Choose her favorite fruits and she’ll be happy that she won’t need to cut up her own fruit for a while.

Flavored Honey
If your mom loves honey, why not give her some flavored honey? When beekeepers only allow bees to feast on certain flowers, it changes the flavor. You can either buy her favorite flavor of gourmet honey or create your own flavors. This makes an especially good gift if your mom is a tea lover!

Herbed Salt
Elevate plain salt by creating your own herbal salt blends and giving them to your mom as a gift! She’ll have fun using them to help her make those special meals you enjoy so much. Packaging them up in pretty glass jars makes them feel extra special!

Mom Cake Pops
Everyone loves cake pops, including your mom! The basic idea is to mix cake and icing together, form it into balls, dip them in chocolate, and decorate them any way you want. Try these flower cake pops – they’re perfect for Mother’s Day!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Strawberries are at their peak right around Mother’s Day. These special treats are easy to make and even more fun to eat! Just use the freshest strawberries you can find and your mom’s favorite kind of chocolate.

Herb Garden
Fresh herbs make everything she cooks more special! If your mom is always buying fresh herbs from the grocery store, save her the trip by giving her an indoor herb garden of her very own. Potted herbs are easy to find in supermarkets and at your local garden supply store or greenhouse. Or, you can grow your own!

Herbal Tea
Does she like herbal tea? If so, why not do something different this year by making some blends of your own? Choose one that you think your mother will like and package it in a pretty tin. Or, you can make your own gift basket complete with your homemade tea, a mug, and some special tea cookies. You can even make the cookies from scratch!

Cookie Cake
Cookie cakes are all the rage right now. Just choose her favorite cookie and rather than make a bunch of individual cookies, work the dough into a pie pan or a tart pan and decorate it for Mother’s Day! You can also follow a specific cookie cake recipe. This is an especially great gift if your mom loves cookies.

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