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7 Fruit Gifts for Halloween

Posted by Gwen Watson on Oct 2, 2015

7 Fruit Gifts for Halloween

Halloween is traditionally associated with sweets. While it’s always a good idea to eat fruit instead of candy, it can be disappointing to find an apple in your Halloween treat bag! However, it is possible to enjoy both sweets and fruit at the same time. These treats offer the best of both worlds:

Apple Cider Donuts
With the apple harvest at its tail end, October is a perfect time to enjoy one of its main products – apple cider. Instead of simply gifting a jug of this beverage, why not give apple cider donuts instead? Usually a seasonal treat, these tasty donuts are flavored with the season’s freshest apple cider. Make them from scratch and you’ll definitely show you care!

Fruit Flavored Candy
Since candy is Halloween’s most popular treat, there’s no need to deprive people! Give them a basket stuffed to the brim with all their favorite fruit candy treats instead of the usual chocolate candies. To make the basket even spookier, find candies in Halloween shapes, like ghosts and pumpkins.

Caramel Apples
Apples are still in season through the month of October, which makes this fruit an excellent gift. But instead of giving plain apples, you turn this fruit into a delicious treat by dunking it in caramel! Caramel apples are also easy to make at home, and kids love to help.

Pumpkin is one of the most recognizable symbols of Halloween. Instead of giving them a jack-o’-lantern, give a pumpkin cheesecake instead! The cheesecake is infused with plenty of pumpkin and cheese and is sure to be a hit. If the recipient doesn’t like pumpkin, other fruity flavors, such as blood orange cheesecake, are also good choices during this time of year.

Fruity Halloween Cupcakes
Baking a batch of fruit-flavored cupcakes and then decorating them is another way you can give a fruit-themed gift this time of year! Cake flavors such as pumpkin, lemon, apple, and strawberry are delicious choices that everyone will love. You can also easily decorate cupcakes into popular Halloween shapes, which will make the gift even sweeter.

Fruity Halloween Cake Pops
If you decide to make a batch of fruity Halloween cupcakes, make an extra batch of cake to turn into Halloween cake pops! The basic idea behind cake pops is to mix cake and frosting together, form it into balls, and then decorate the cake pops according to the season. For an even more authentic Halloween treat, use pumpkin cake and spicy cream cheese frosting as your base before decorating the pops.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
Chocolate dipped strawberries are a decadent treat that everyone loves! The nice thing about strawberries is that you can dip them in any kind of chocolate you want, which means that they can appeal to a variety of tastes. They can also be decorated using icing and candy pieces, which mean that you can easily turn them into spooky Halloween treats!

With a little creativity, you can turn your favorite fruity treats into great Halloween gifts!

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