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Give Thanks with

Posted by Katie Straw on Nov 25, 2013

Give Thanks with


A Thanksgiving without desserts is not enjoyable. Who wants to sit through five hours of family time without something sweet to look forward to? - No one. Somewhat understandably, when you've got a turkey to baste, potatoes to mash, and like a million other things going on in the kitchen, perfecting a pie is usually put on the back burner. But we have a solution to all the dinner distress: our decadent baked goods!

With over 30 different cheesecake flavors to choose from, including seasonal faves, like Pumpkin Cheesecake and decadent samplers, which offer a slice everyone, our desserts are basically essential to your gathering. Plus, they're available in 6 and 9-inch sizes, so you can select the perfect one, no matter how big the party is.

And, in addition to our epic cheesecakes, we're proud to announce that we now have festive pies too! Boasting smooth Pumpkin, classic Apple, and elegant Chocolate Cream pies, our collection has everything needed to make everyone a little more thankful than usual this year!

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