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Some Traditional (and Not So Traditional) Thanksgiving Desserts

Posted by Gwen Watson on Nov 13, 2014

Some Traditional (and Not So Traditional) Thanksgiving Desserts

It's tradition among many families to celebrate the end of the Thanksgiving meal, with more food! Thanksgiving dinner desserts are almost as famous as the turkey dinner itself. There are many desserts that are traditionally associated with Thanksgiving such as pumpkin pie, yet each family has their own version of desserts served on Turkey Day.

Here are some traditional and not so traditional desserts you may find at a Thanksgiving dinner:

Pumpkin Pie
If you think of Thanksgiving desserts, most likely at the top of your mind comes pumpkin pie. Contrary to popular belief, pumpkin pie didn't become associated until the 19th century, almost two hundred years after the pilgrims landed (leading to the first Thanksgiving dinner). Pumpkin is native to the United States and was most likely introduced to the colonists by the Native Americans. This coupled with the fact that pumpkin harvest season is in autumn has made pumpkin pie synonymous with Thanksgiving dessert.

Apple Pie
While Canada has its own Thanksgiving (a month earlier in October), American Thanksgiving is a holiday specific to our country and steeped with the history of our beginnings. So what is more American than apple pie? Like with pumpkin pie, apple pie becomes popular in the fall and winter, largely in part due to apple harvest season dominating the months of September and October. Apples get baked with brown sugar and spices including cinnamon between two layers of flaky and butter crust. Apple pie is perfect, especially when served warm, to top off a great meal with the family.

It sounds like a silly statement to make, but not everyone likes pie. To cater to your family members who aren't pie enthusiasts, why not have brownies as an option? Brownies are also an American concoction, and are favored among many as they are a cross between chocolate cakes and chocolate cookies. Having brownies for Thanksgiving gives your guests who don't particular enjoy pie a nice dessert but also allow others to have a little chocolate with their fruity pies.

Ice Cream Cake
While most states in the United States are in the tail end of fall and temperatures are slowly declining by the time Thanksgiving rolls around, not all Americans are celebrating in the cold. If you are lucky enough to live in a warmer climate, why not consider having ice cream cake for dessert? It will most likely be warm in the house thanks to a gathering of people and roasting a turkey in the over. Cool down after the meal with a cold, sweet treat!

Whatever your traditions are, make sure to enjoy the food and family time Thanksgiving offers. Just don't forget to enjoy your dessert once the meal is done.

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