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Trendiest Desserts Of 2012

Posted by Katie Straw on Jan 21, 2013

Trendiest Desserts Of 2012

Out with the old and in with the newer-ish desserts! We always love original sweet tastes and luckily for us 2012 has provided a decadent bounty we’ve been completely satisfied with. While most of the trendy desserts of the year are updates on beloved classic confections, each has been recreated in a new, exciting way that makes us want to get to a bakery stat.

Artisan Ice-Cream
Break out the spoons! This is the ice cream we scream for. Rich, creamy, cold goodness made from the finest ingredients bringing life to tastes like lavender, butter toffee crunch, mint (real mint), and Madagascar vanilla. Skip the carton in the frozen section – this trend is one we hope won’t die out soon, pretty please with a cherry on top.

Cake Pops
Yeah, yeah, they’re cute all right, but a cake-pop has appeal that’s more than skin deep. A cake pop offers the same moist, exquisite cake you’d expect from a gourmet shop without a mess. You can enjoy them on the go without over eating (since they’re portion controlled) and are guaranteed to get frosting in every bite.

You don’t have to look hard to see the appeal of these delights. Each mini cake top doubles as a blank canvas upon which masters can create any combination of delicious frostings with moist cakes. With countess color and flavor combinations, cupcakes give any creator a place to display new ideas.

Step aside Krispy Kremes, there’s a new kind of donut in town. They’ve got the same basic look to them, but are a far cry from the classic taste. Today’s modern, upscale, gourmet donuts with all-natural ingredients and frostings like cranberry orange, raspberry nutella, and strawberry champagne surely give the Os of old a run for their money.

You don’t need to rehearse kumbaya to enjoy marshmallows anymore. Vastly different from the thick, sticky mallows at the grocery store, gourmet chefs of today have invented fluffy, airy puffs of goodness. With elegant flavors like chocolate chipotle, mint chip, and lemon meringue, artisan marshmallows make hot drinks and recipes amazing…but of course, they’re great alone too.

Let them eat…PIES! Seriously, skip the cakes (they’re SO expected). Like the other delights on this trendy list, pies are really versatile. You can top them with a crust, leave them open, or whip up a great cream. You can fill them with blueberries, cherries, kiwi – a combination – whatever you want, and that’s why they’re great.

C’est manifique! These delightful, bright, exquisite crème-filled sandwich cookies come in an infinite assortment of hues and tastes. Eye-catching arrangements of these cookies adorn many a shop window, displaying tastes and colors such as pumpkin spice, raspberry rose, pistachio, lemon basil, and bourbon, which passersby find irresistible.

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