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The Most Popular Wedding Food Trends This Year

Posted by Gwen Watson on Jun 26, 2015

The Most Popular Wedding Food Trends This Year

Food is a big part of any wedding, but people get tired of the same old things. These food trends will shake things up a bit! Even though things like wedding cake are timeless classics, there’s nothing wrong with doing things a little differently. Here are some of the top wedding food trends of this wedding season. Try one of them out when planning your own wedding!

Wedding Cheesecake
Do you want your wedding cake to be memorable? Try serving cheesecake instead! Cheesecake is always a crowd favorite, and people will be talking about your wedding dessert for years to come. Buy one that’s at least three tiers so that you have enough to give guests a generous portion. It’s also perfectly doable to make it from scratch!

Popcorn Favors Are you looking for an easy favor for your wedding guests? Popcorn is a great ingredient to use for your favors because it has such a universal appeal! Ideas for popcorn related wedding favors include small bags of gourmet popcorn, individual popping kits, and a popcorn bar so people can choose their own mix. No time to make your own? We have over 30 flavors to choose from!

Donut Towers Do you remember those cupcake towers that were so popular at weddings a few years ago? Well, brides are still doing that – they’re just using donuts instead! Donuts are a retro favorite and everyone loves them, so they’re a popular choice to replace the wedding cake. You can use either donut holes or whole donuts and it also makes a great DIY project.

Food Bars While the trend of having themed “food bars” at a wedding originally started with candy, it’s now expanded to include things like soft pretzels, popcorn, and French fries, all of which lend themselves well to various toppings! These can be set up at any time during the wedding. Some people prefer them as appetizers and others wait until the late hours of a reception, to provide guests with a much-needed snack.

Wine and Food Pairing Wine itself is far from novel – people have been serving it at festive celebrations since ancient times! What is new are the wine and food pairing stations that are a fairly popular trend in recent years at weddings. As more and more people become fine wine connoisseurs, the next logical step is to share this love with others! Foods such as cheese, crackers, fruit, and chocolate are set up with the wines that taste best with them.

Farm to Table Menus Serving a “farm to table” wedding menu is all the rage right now. Even though we’ve always known that garden-fresh food tastes better, it’s recently seen a revival. Farm to table restaurants are springing up all over the United States and many of them provide catering. These foods are both delicious and seasonal and are sure to be a hit!

Unique Cocktails
Sure, providing guests with a well-stocked bar will always be timeless. However, brides and grooms want to take things a step further by developing one or two signature cocktails for the festivities. You can even revamp an old classic and give it an original name! Many couples even name their signature choices after themselves.

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