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Cheesecake Serving Suggestions – Put Your Cheesecake Center Stage

Cheesecake is a tasty treat and the perfect addition to a dinner or holiday party. Before the event starts, decide how you will serve and handle the cake. Cutting your cheesecake at the wrong temperature or storing it incorrectly can turn your dessert into a disaster.

When your cheesecake arrives, it may be fully thawed. That’s fine, but it should be refrigerated as soon as possible. If you are not serving your cheesecake immediately, you may refreeze it. Storage times are about 5 days in the refrigerator or about 3 months frozen. If the cheesecake is still frozen when it arrives, you may either thaw it in the refrigerator overnight or leave it on your counter until it has thawed out if you are serving it that evening. Afterwards, you should refrigerate any left over portions as soon as possible.

One of the most important cheesecake handling tips to remember is that cold cheesecake is the easiest to cut. Frozen cheesecake cannot be cut properly and warm cheesecake will soften and fall apart. Use a clean, hot knife to slice through your cheesecake. The thinner the knife, the better your cut will be. Do not use a cake knife, as this will not give you attractive slices. Dip the knife in hot water between each slice you make – this will reduce the chance your knife becomes gummy. Your guests will be so excited to see the cheesecake; do not disappoint them by leaving most of the cake on your knife!

Keep the following guide in mind to ensure you have the perfect sized cheesecake for your guests:

  • A three-pound cheesecake has 12 slices – not everyone will have a slice, so it depending on the size group a single three-pound cheesecake is ok for every 12-15 persons expected
  • A five-pound cheesecake has BIG 12 slices – again, not everyone will have a slice plus several people will want to split a slice. Depending on the size group a single five-pound cheesecake is ok for every 15-20 persons expected
  • The five-ounce Mini Cheesecakes come 7 to a pack – these portion sizes are larger than the ones from the three-pound cheesecake and some will split portions – so serving is for every 7-10 persons expected
  • The two-ounce Snack-Size Cheesecakes come 12 to a pack – each portion is only 216 calories and it serves one person – depending on the group, a few may go without and a few may try more than one – so each order will serve between 10-15 persons

Use a pie spatula to carefully place your cheesecake slices onto the plates. Try not to break the crust, but trust us, it will still taste delicious! For a little extra flair, consider adding a garnish that complements the cheesecake. If you have a strawberry swirl cake, slice a few fresh strawberries for each plate. Or, if you purchased a mocha cheesecake, put a chocolate swirl or caramel on the plates. The number one rule in dressing up desserts is to have fun!
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