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Katie Straw

Katie Straw

Katie Straw a coffee-drinking, loud laughing, journal writing lady. After spending the majority of her adolescence in New Jersey (the nice part – really), she was carted up north with her parents to New Hampshire.

After attending Fryeburg Academy in Fryeburg, Maine, Katie was accepted to the New Hampshire Institute of Art, which she attended to improve her then not-so-great illustration skills. Luckily for her (but not for her classmates), her “skills” never really developed and she decided that she should try going to school for something she was passionate about: writing. She transferred to the University of New Hampshire and graduated with her BA in English.

Currently, Katie resides in Manchester where she spends her days with good company, eating delicious food, drinking cheap wine, and playing tennis – not to get exercise, but to wear cute sporty outfits. She is not good at it. Actually, neither are her friends. Being a poor tennis player was a prerequisite for being allowed to play together. When they show up at the courts with their rackets, everyone else leaves. And that’s okay.

Katie is in love with Calvin Klein, worships Audrey Hepburn, is obsessed with green tea, and wants a pet deer someday. Of course, she knows that this may never happen. But hey, anything is possible.

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