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Make This Year The Cheesecake Anniversary

You know about the gold and silver wedding anniversaries – but what about the cheesecake anniversary?! We think it’s a crime that a cheesecake anniversary has not been established yet.

Before we help you celebrate the first cheesecake anniversary, here is a quick review of traditional wedding anniversary gifts. These gifts have been exchanged between spouses for hundreds of years!

  • 1 Paper
  • 2 Cotton
  • 3 Leather
  • 4 Fruit or Flowers
  • 5 Wood
  • 6 Candy
  • 7 Copper and Wool
  • 8 Bronze
  • 9 Pottery
  • 10 Tin
  • 15 Crystal
  • 20 China
  • 25 Silver
  • 30 Pearl
  • 40 Ruby
  • 50 Gold

The Cheesecake Anniversary :
This year, instead of choosing a traditional anniversary gift, why not spice things up by creating the “cheesecake anniversary”. Cheesecake is a popular gift idea for anyone – whether you are shopping for your husband or your wife. Likely everyone will be pleased to open their very own cheesecake.

Cheesecake Gift Ideas for Her:
Chocolate cheesecakes are the perfect gift ideas for her! Jewelry can be expensive and a woman can only wear so much of it a one time. Leave the necklace or bracelet in the store and give your wife a cheesecake. A Hershey’s Chocolate Swirl or white chocolate lace cake will make her melt, while a Ghirardelli Chocolate Chunk cake can make any woman swoon.

Cheesecake Gift Ideas for Him:
Gift ideas for him can be a little more difficult, many times a tie or wallet just does not convey the deep feelings you have for your husband. This year, surprise him with a cheesecake – no man would turn down a cherry or strawberry cheesecake! Consider purchasing a plain cheesecake for your husband and make the topping just for him.

Finding the Perfect Cheesecake Gift Ideas :
You can choose small snack size cheesecakes that your love will be able devour on his or her own, or you can pick a three-pound cheesecake you can share. If you cannot decide what your spouse will enjoy, order a gift card. You can enjoy the cheesecake together and it will extend your anniversary celebration when the mail order cheesecake finally arrives. After eating the top layer of your wedding cake on your first wedding anniversary, a special cheesecake will make the perfect addition to your next anniversary celebration!

Cheesecake Gift Ideas for Mom and Dad :
If you are in charge of planning an anniversary party, cheesecake will make the perfect dessert. Choose your parent’s favorite flavor or order an assortment of flavors for guests to sample. Gift ideas for Mom and Dad can be difficult to find, but with a cheesecake you will never go wrong. Imagine their smiling faces when your cheesecake is rolled in during their 40 or 50th wedding anniversary!

Every year, anniversaries give you a chance to celebrate your love for your spouse. This year, abandon the list of customary gifts and start a new tradition. Cheesecake is a perfect way to honor the rich years you and your spouse have spent together. Start a new tradition by celebrating your anniversary with cheesecake!
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